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Fight 'just beginning' - CAFT on the radio

Some of CAFT's biggest members are Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining and Coal Action Network Aotearoa, as well as a range of individual grassroots community groups from around the motu.

Macassey-Pickard, who has campaigned against mining in the Coromandel for two decades, said she had been heartened by the "overwhelming response" from the public, adding it was "just the beginning" of a fight against the bill.

"I'm reading commentary and seeing activism from groups I've never even heard of. I think there's going to be an absolute raft of opposition to this from so many levels and so many sectors.

"We are talking about continuing to have those conversations with our politicians, we're going keep on calling out things like the minister pretending he's being transparent when in fact he was obeying the Ombudsman's requests.

"We're [also] going to keep really questioning the companies who are putting their hands up for these projects, and we'll encourage people who have shares and people who are engaged in those industries to have that conversation as well.

"Do they really want to be part of something which is effectively wrought upon the whole country?"



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