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Media release: Fast-track submitters must not be silenced through poor Select Committee process

Updated: May 10

Media release

9:30am Thurs 2 May 2024

Communities Against the Fast Track has written to the Select Committee Chair, and the three Ministers with responsibilities under the Bill, asking them to confirm that all those who asked to speak to their submissions will be heard through the upcoming Select Committee process.

“The submissions were published yesterday and thousands of people from all around the country have made submissions on the Bill. Many of those will have asked to speak to the Environment Select Committee in support of their submission,” says group spokesperson

Augusta Macassey-Pickard.

“We’re concerned that if the Select Committee process is poorly run members of the public will be silenced on this deeply troubling Bill.”

“The implications of this Bill for communities are major. Ministers and the Environment Select Committee must show respect for New Zealanders and reassure people that if they have asked to speak they will be heard.”

The group sent its letter to Chair of the Environment Select Committee David MacCleod as well as Minister for Resource Management Reform Chris Bishop, Minister for Transport Simeon Brown and Minister for Resources Shane Jones.

The group says this means not only must the Government and Committee give those who asked to speak an appointment, it also means they need to give people fair warning in advance so they can prepare and be there.

“People wanting to speak will be parents or carers, have jobs and other commitments. The Government and Committee must make sure submitters are contacted at least a week in advance and given some reasonable options so they can make it work. They must not be told 24hrs beforehand and then dismissed if they can’t make it.”

Communities Against the Fast-Track says they will be watching the Select Committee process very closely.

The group says it will continue to support people in their communities and regions to oppose the Bill, and that if people want more information or ways to get involved they can visit their website.




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